Contributed by Kirsten Quigley, Founder and CEO of LunchSkins

We created the LunchSkins brand as an easy solution to disposable plastic bags and as an example of how small, everyday actions can make a big difference. We may have started small – just three moms around the kitchen table – but thanks to amazing mission partners like the South Carolina Aquarium, and our loyal LunchSkins fans, we’ve grown into a global movement of moms, dads, kids and communities working to influence the daily choices that impact our environment, our health and our future.

It took that one small step, and a lot of hard work and momentum to accomplish big things for the environment. Did you know just 1 LunchSkins reusable bag can replace 500 disposable plastic bags? Together with like-minded families and communities everywhere, LunchSkins have replaced more than one billion plastic bags that otherwise might end up in our landfills and our oceans, killing sea creatures who mistake plastic for jellyfish.

We are incredibly excited to partner with the Aquarium and other organizations to raise awareness and support to help eliminate plastic pollution from our oceans. We’re on a mission to inspire, challenge, ignite passion and motivate people to replace everyday plastic with smart sustainable solutions that ensure healthy oceans and sea life. Join us and believe in your own power to make a difference!